• A rustic wood lodge and craft brewery between the shores of Black Beach

  • and the magnificent Costa Rican jungle in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica!


Our Hotel

Kaya's Place is a 26 room lodge on the stunning Black Beach in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. Built in the Afro-Caribbean "Rustico" style, the hotel is artistic and unique. Local woods and materials have been used in their natural state, making each room different and beautiful. We think every space you encounter will be a pleasurable experience. The sound of the waves is always in the background, soothing and tranquil, guaranteed to take you away from the stress of everyday life.

BriBri Springs Brewery

BriBri Springs Brewery is a micro-craft brewery dedicated to making handcrafted all-grain fine ales and basis. We use the finest ingredients available to us, like locally produced, fair-traded, organic ingredients. At BriBri Springs Brewery, it is our goal to make great tasting brews and create a closed circle of sustainably produced, green beer.

To Do

The beachfront community of Puerto Viejo is exposed to the breezes of the sea and the jungle, encouraging shore-side strolls, and dancing to live music in the evenings. Cabinas, cantinas, restaurants and craft-stands line the shoreline with the ever present sounds of reggae and calypso. The palm and jungle fringed beaches are good for sunning, surfing and swimming. Puerto Viejo has an Afro-Caribbean culture and feel, influenced too by the Talamanca mountains and the Bribri and Cabecar Indian indigenous people.

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Puerto Viejo

200 meters before town,

Puerto Viejo, Limon,

Costa Rica

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BriBri Springs

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