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Kaya's Place is a 26 room lodge on the stunning Black Beach in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. Built in the Afro-Caribbean "Rustico" style, the hotel is artistic and unique. Local woods and materials are used in their natural state, making each room different and beautiful, and every space a pleasurable experience. The sound of the waves is always in the background, soothing and tranquil, guaranteed to take you away from the stress of everyday life.

Inside the hotel, there are many places to relax. The reception area is more like a living room, with a gigantic sofa, people to chat with, and our beach-deck with the view of the ocean. The large deck upstairs has a wonderful ocean view too, with hammocks and sofas - perfect for reading or taking a siesta. In the back, gardens filled with local plants and flowers line the walkway. A covered sitting area offers another opportunity to relax, or meet and enjoy the company of others.

Located in Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean Coast, the area is blessed with the natural beauty of dense jungle, with impressive flora and fauna, and some of the world's most beautiful beaches. Kaya's Place is part of the growing eco-tourism industry that supports the preservation of almost 2 million square meters of primary rainforest.

Taxes from this industry support the many national reserves and efforts to maintain the natural resources. We are dedicated to preserving these resources while sharing it with all the people that come to know this amazingly beautiful part of Costa Rica. Kaya's Place was built with this philosophy, and lumber or materials were taken from the primary rainforest. Much was recycled wood or dead fall from local farms and lumber that had washed up from the ocean and rivers. With these natural and renewable materials, we achieve a unique character with rustic and artistic designs.

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